Penal Section Name of the Offence

Motor Cycles, Motor Cycle-cabs, Auto rickshaws with a seating capacity upto 4 in all, invalid carriages, Omini buses , Educational Institution buses, Private service vehicles, Motor cabs with seating capacity upto (7) in all, Light Motor Vehicles

Motor Vehicles other than those mentioned in column 4
1 2 3 4 5
1 177 General Provision for punishment of offences

a)Rs.100/- for non wearing of helmets

b) Rs.100/- for non ‑ wearing of seat belts

c)Rs.100/- per offence subject to the maximum of Rs.200/- in respect of other offences

Rs.100/- per offence subject to the maximum of Rs.200/‑

1) Without L Board
2) Not allowing to overtake the vehicle from rare Right side.
3) Misbehavior by Taxi driver
4) Driving without uniform by taxi/Public transport vehicle driver
5) Extra demand by Auto
6) Extra passengers in Auto (per head)
7) Driving without uniform by goods carrier driver
8) Carrying extra persons in goods vehicle (per head)
9) Without / Irregular Number
10) Driving without light
11) Disobeying Traffic Signal/ No entry/No right/No U turn
12) Obstruction of Driver Piloting
13) Not producing DL and RC/With out document
14)Without Mirror
15) Not Blocking right side of Auto rickshaw
16)Without Bulb Horn (Auto)
17) Visibility of Lamps& Registration Marks
18) Lane/Line Crossing
19)Wearing of helmets
20)Non wearing of Seat belts
2 178

Travelling without pass or ticket and for dereliction of duty on the part of a conductor and permit holder or drivers refusal to ply a Contract Carriage on hire



3 179(1)

Disobedience of  orders, obstruction to the checking officer in discharge of duties and refusal of information


4 179(2) Refusal to give information 500/- 500/-
5 180

Allowing unauthorized persons to drive vehicles

1000/- 1000/-
6 181

Driving vehicles in contravention of sections 3 & 4 including under age driving

500/- 500/-
7 182(1)

Driving  a   Motor Vehicle    by  a person   disqualified   to   hold   a driving license

500/- 500/-
8 182(2)

A person acting as a Conductor of a motor vehicle, disqualified for holding a conductor license

-- 100/-
9 183(1) Driving at excessive speed 400/- 400/-
10 183(2)

Allowing   a   person   to   drive   at excessive speed

300/- 300/-
11 184

Driving   Dangerously/Cell   phone drive/excess   load  projection  on either side/Jumping Signal

1000/- 1000/-
12 186

Driving     by    a    mentally    and physically unfit person

200/- 200/-
13 189 Racing & Trail of speed 500/- 500/-
14 190(2)

Using vehicle in unsafe condition in public place by violating road safety,   control  of noise and air pollution,    Wrong    parking   and dangerous parking

1000/- 1000/-
15 192(1)

Without    registration   or   without renewal of registration or without Fitness Certificate

2000/- per offence subject to a maximum of Rs.5000/- 5000/- for each offence subject to a maximum of Rs.5000/‑
16 194(2)

Refusal to stop and submit the vehicle to weighing

3000/- 3000/-
17 196 (a) Without Insurance Certificate 1000/- 1000/-

(b) Without Public liability Certificate in respect of vehicles carrying or   meant to carry hazardous substances

Not applicable 1000/-
18 198

Unauthorized     interference    with vehicle

100/- 100/-