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MIYAPUR Traffic Police Station

Sri. N Suman Kumar, Inspector


PS Location Miyapur Junction
PS Phone No 040-27853736, 9490617330
ACP Traffic Madhapur Mobile  : 9490617108
eMail    :
Addl. DCP Traffic Mobile  : 9490617207
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DCP Traffic Phone  : 040 - 27853422
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  • Miyapur Old PS Junction to Miyapur village
  • Chandanagar (both side NH65 road)
  • Miyapur Junction to HDFC Jn (Bollaram road)
  • Miyapur Junction to Allwyn X Roads both sides
  • Allwyn X Roads to Hafeezpet Labour Adda (both sides)
  • Lingampally (BHEL) to Kanukunta / Taranagar


Places causing more traffic congestions 
At Miyapur X Roads from Bollaram Road
HDFC Bank Junction
Gangaram Hanuman Temple.
Lingampally Under Bride
Old Municipal Office, Lingampally
Hafeezpet Bridge to Labour Adda.
Tharanagar Road
Gulmohar Park Jn
Stretches where traffic is at peak
At Miyapur X Roads towards Bollaram Road
HDFC Bank Junction
Gangaram Hanuman Temple.
Lingampally Under Bride
Old Municipal Office, Lingampally
Alwyn Jn to Labour adda and Vice Versa
Tharanagar Road
Gulmohar Park Jn
Places that attract more traffic during festivals



Accident Prone areas

Reasons and precautionary measures

  • Miyapur Market Area.
  • Temple Turning on Bollaram Road at Miyapur RTC Depot
  • Gangaram Hanuman Temple
  • Miyapur Old PS Junction
  • Madinaguda Junction
  • Deepthisri Nagar
  • Alwyn X Road
  • Enforcement work
  • Drunken Driving
  • Stoppers to be kept in Accidents prone areas or speed
  • breakers may be lying
  • Night time Radium stickers may be kept on Stoppers
  • Road markings and studs may be erected
  • Stop look & proceed boards may be erected
  • For speed limit- speed sensors may be used
  • Educate the Drivers





Important Places in PS Limits

Important Junctions in PS Limits

  • Miyapur Metro Station & Depot
  • BHEL
  • GMC Balayogi Stadim, Gachibowli
  • Hyderabad Central University (HCU)
  • Lingampally Railway Station
  • Chandanagar Railway Station
  • Hafeezpet Railway Station
  • Kalvary Temple, Hydernagar
  • TSRTC Bus Body Unit (BBU)
  • Alind Factory
  • BHEL Bus Depot
  • Miyapur X Roads
  • Allwyn X Roads
  • Hafeezpet Labour Adda
  • Deepthisrinagar Junction
  • Lingampally Under bridge
  • Nallagandla Railway Bridge
  • Gulmohar Park
  • Alwyn Indra Reddy Colony Junction
  • HDFC Bank Junction.


Main Route

Alternate Route

  • Miyapur to Hitech city via Allwyn Junction, Hafeezpet labour adda, Kondapur

  • Miyapur to Hitech city via Miyapur old PS Hafeezpet lake, Under Hafeezpet bridge, Hafeezpet Railway station route, Hitech city railway station

  • Chandanagar PS junction to Gulmohar park via BHEL junction, Taranagar market, Lingampally railway bridge, Gulmohar park

  • Eenadu bank Junction to Gulmohar park via Eenadu bank, BHEL junction, Taranagar market, Nallagandla railway bridge,Gulmohar park

  • Chandanagar PS junction to PJR stadium, Lingampally railway bridge, Gulmohar park

  • Miyapur Junction to Nizampet Junction via Hydernagar

  • Miyapur Junction left turn Bollaram route HDFC bank Right turn, SMR vinay city, Subash Chandra Bose nagar, Nizampet road

  • Allwyn 'X' Road Miyapur Bud Depot via Miyapur 'X' Road

  • Allwyn 'X' Road Miyapur Bud Depot via Cinetown Left turn, JPNagar, JPNagar Right turn, Reddy's Lab, HDFC Jn Left turn, Miyapur Bud Depot.


Sl No Name of the School. Location Highway
1 St. Martins High School Miyapur NH-65
2 Govt. Primary School Hafeezpet (Kondapur Road) --
3 St. Anns high school Madinaguda NH-65
4 Genesis International High School Deepthisri Nagar NH-65
5 ZPHS, Lingampally Lingampally Old Bombay Road
6 Sancta Maria International School Lingampally Old Bombay Road
7 Pavithra International School Nallagandla R&B Road
8 Gowtham Model School Chandanagar PS NH-65
9 Vidyanikethan Model High School Lingampally Old Bombay Road
10 Raos Techno School Gulmohar Park Old Bombay Road
11 DAV School Mathrusri Nagar NH-65
12 Rao's School Miyapur NH-65
13 Castle town School Miyapur NH-65
14 Zenis School Miypaur NH-65
15 Vox Pop School Miyapur NH-65


  • Cinetown U turn
  • HDFC Reddy Labs
  • Miyapur Metro Pillar No.01 U turn
  • Gangaram
  • Beeram Guda U turn
  • Bajaj U turn, Madeenaguda
  • Khajana U turn, Gangaram
  • Chandanagar U turn
  • Ashok nagar U turn
  • Pochamma Temple U turn, Hafeezpet


  • Allwyn X Roads Gachibowli Road
  • Miyapur X Roads Bachupally Road
  • BHEL to Gachibowli (Old Bombay Road)
  • BHEL to ORR (via Nallagandla, Gopanpally).
  • From KPHB 4th phase to Huda Colony, Chandanagar (Manjeera Pipe Line  Road)
  • HDFC Junction, Bollaram Road to Nizampet Kolan Raghava Reddy Garden Road
  • HDFC Junction, Bollaram Road to Madinaguda (via JP Nagar)


  • Miyapur Old PS Junciton to Hafeezpet Bridge
  • Lingampally Bridge to Chandanagar PS Junction via HUDA Colony
  • Gulmohar Park to Lingampally via Nallagandla Railway Bridge
  • BHEL to ORR (via Nallagandla, Gopanpally)



1. Miyapur village, Miyapur
2. Chandanagar (GHMC Office Complex)


  • Allwyn X Road to Kondapur: No entry for Lorries /Tippers/DCMs/RMCs/Tractos/Water Tankers from 07:00 hours to 23:00 hours.
  • Miyapur X Road: No entry for Lorries/Tippers/DCMs/JCBs/Tractors/RMCs/Water Tankers/ from 07:00 hours  to 23:00 hours. Relaxation: 11:30 hours to 15:30 hours for Lorries/Tippers /DCMs/RMCs only.
  • Nallagandla to Gachibowli:  No entry for Lorries / Tippers /DCMs/JCBs /Water Tankers RMCs / Tractors from 07:00 to 23:00 hours. Relaxation: 11:30 hours to 15:30 hours for DCMs/RMCs only.

  • Allwyn X Road: No entry for Private Travels Buses from 19:00 to 20:30 hours. No Entry for Public Transport carriage vehicles more then 14 seats for all routes from 07:00 hours to  12:00 hours and 15:30 hours to 22:00 hours.


Sector - I Sector - II Sector - III
Miyapur Metro Depot to BK Enclave Hafeezpet (Old & New), Allwyn X Roads, Madinaguda Petrol Pump and Manjeera pipe line Road, Labout Adda BHEL, Chandanagar, ICRISAT, Lingampally Railway Station, Gulmohar park, Nallagandla, Tellapur, HCU Back side Gate


02 02 03 07 23 30


Healix Hospital, Madinaguda, Miyapur

Mythri Hospital, Chandanagar
Archana Hospital, Madinaguda

Pranam Hospital, Madinaguda
Primary Health centre, Hafeezpet Vijay Hospital, Madinaguda
Srikara Hospital, Madinaguda Citizen Hospital, Nallagandla