It is mandatory that not only the driver of a vehicle, but also the vehicle should get permission from the Road Transport Authority. The vehicle should be registered with the RTA to be driven on the road. Registration Certificate for a particular vehicle is allotted by the authority along with a registration number.

How to get the vehicle registered?

The process is the same as obtaining the license, with a few changes.

Application in Form-20 duly filled and signed by the owner (an additional copy in duplicate to be signed by the financier in case of a hypothecated vehicle should be attached)
Temporary registration certificate, if the vehicle is already registered temporarily
A valid proof of residential address of the owner
Form-21 in original - a letter of sale
Form-22 in original
Invoice of the Vehicle
Valid Insurance Certificate
Physical presence of the vehicle for checking the engine and chassis numbers
Requisite fee
Every new vehicle comes with a temporary registration, which needs to be changed to the permanent registration within one month of purchase. The permanent registration number allotted by the authority should be clearly displayed in the front and at the back of the vehicle.