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VANASTHALIPURAM Traffic Police Station

Sri. NNSV Venkateshwar Rao,  Inspector


PS Location Auto Nagar, Vanasthalipuram
PS Phone No 27853822
ACP Traffic L.B.Nagar Division Mobile  : 9490617107
eMail    :
Addl. DCP Traffic - II Mobile  : 9491053207
eMail    :
DCP Traffic Phone  : 040 - 27853422
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  • Auto Nagar (Sand Adda)


  • Sushma Raythu bazaar

  • Balapur X Road


Places causing more traffic congestions 

Kuntloor X Road
Balapur X Road
Auto Nagar
Stretches where traffic is at peak

Kuntloor X Road
Balapur X Road
Auto Nagar
Places that attract more traffic during festivals -NIL-



Accident Prone areas

Reasons and precautionary measures

  • Word & Deed School
  • Pedda Amberpet
  • Bata Singaram
  • Gurram Guda
  • Enforcement work
  • Drunken Driving
  • Stoppers to be kept in Accidents prone areas or speed
  • breakers may be lying
  • Night time Radium stickers may be kept on Stoppers
  • Road markings and studs may be erected
  • Stop look & proceed boards may be erected
  • For speed limit- speed sensors may be used
  • Educate the Drivers





Important Places in PS Limits

Important Junctions in PS Limits

  • Sangi Temple
  • Ramoji Film City
  • Christians Church at Balayesu Yamjal
  • Hanuman Temple (Kharmanghat)
  • Mahaveer Park (Deer Park)
  • Ganesh Temple
  • RTA Office
  • Sub Registrar Office at Sushma
  • Chintalkunta
  • Panama
  • Sushma
  • Auto Nagar
  • Kuntloor X Road
  • BN Reddy Nagar
  • Gayathri Nagar
  • TKR Kaman
  • Mandamallama Junction
  • Hasthinapuram
  • Balapur X Road


Main Route

Alternate Route

  • Chinthalkunta to Kothagudem (Vijayawada Highway)

  • Chintalkunta to Sagar Bus Stop

  • Sagar Bus Stop to Yacharam (Sagar Highway)

  • Panama Junction to BN Reddy Nagar via., NGOs Colony (Sagar Highway)

  • Sushma Theatre to BN Reddy Nagar via Rythubazar (sagar Highway)


  • Thirrur X Road to Injapur Village (Sagar HIghway)

  • Koheda to Bonguloor Gate

  • Abdullapurmet to Nagole

  • Mangalpally Gate to Tukkuguda

  • Abdullapurmet to Ghatkesar


Sl No Name of the School. Location Highway

Krishnaveni Talent School

Nagarjuna Colony, Hasthinapuram

Sagar Road

2 St.Anns High School Sri Srinivasapuram, Vanasthalipuram Colony Road
3 Nagarjuna High School Srinivasapuram, Vanasthalipuram Colony Road
4 Prashanthi Vidya Nikethan High School near Govt. Hospital, Vanasthalipuram Colony Road
5 Caliber Creative School Near Govt. Hospital, Vanasthalipuram Colony Road
6 Sri Vikas High School Self Finance Colony, NGOs Colony, V'puram Colony Road
7 Geethanjali High School B.N.Reddy Nagar, Vanasthalipuram Colony Road
8 Dilsukhnagar Public School S.K.D.Nagar, V'Puram Colony Road
9 Shiva Sindhu High School Vijayapuri Colony, Phase-I, V'puram Colony Road
10 Nagarjuna Montessori School Vijayapuri Colony, Phase-I, V'puram Colony Road
11 Govt. High School Sahed Nagar, Vanasthalipuram Colony Road
12 Little Buds High School Gouthami Nagar, Vanasthalipuram Colony Road
13 Ravindra Bharathi School Andhra Kesari Nagar, Vanasthalipuram Colony Road
14 Millennium High School Rayappa Nagar, Vanasthalipuram Colony Road
15 Siddhartha Model School Vaidehi Nagar, Vanasthalipuram Colony Road
16 Shanthi Nikethan High School Shanthi Nagar, Vanasthalipuram Colony Road
17 Siddhartha Model School Kamalanagar, Vanasthalipuram Colony Road
18 Siddhartha High School Near Police Station, Vanasthalipuram Colony Road
19 Layola Montessori School Near Police Station, Vanasthalipuram Colony Road
20 Layola Model School Near Police Station, Vanasthalipuram Colony Road
21 Lotus Lap Public School Near Police Station, Vanasthalipuram Colony Road
22 St. Meera's High School Near Sampurna Hall, Vanasthalipuram Colony Road
23 Raghava Talent School Near Rythu Bazar, Vanasthalipuram Colony Road
24 Globe The School Near Police Station, Vanasthalipuram Colony Road
25 Kartikeya Concept School Near Police Station, Vanasthalipuram Colony Road
26 Sri Vidya Vikas Talent School PS Road, Prashanth Nagar, Vanasthalipuram Colony Road
27 Bhashyam Public School Near Panama, Vanasthalipuram Colony Road
28 Vignan High School Hills Colony, Vanasthalipuram NH-9
29 Sri Adithya Concepts School Hills Colony, Vanasthalipuram Colony Road
30 Herald High School Kranthi Hills, Vanasthalipuram Colony Road
31 Chaitanya Bharathi High School Jangeer Colony, Chintalkunta Colony Road
32 Alpha Publis School Sri Krishna Nagar, Chintalkunta Colony Road
33 Ramadevi public School Near Abdullapurmet, Hayathnagar Colony Road
34 Shanthi Nikethan Talent School Lecturers Colony, Hayathnagar Colony Road
35 Shanthi Nikethan High School Raghavendra Nagar, Hayathnagar Colony Road
36 Little Angles School Arunodaya Nagar, Road No.1, Hayathnagar Colony Road
37 Saritha Vidya Nikethan Near Bus Depot, Hayathnagar Colony Road
38 Lotus Lap Public School Vinayaka Nagar, Hayathnagar NH-9 Vijayawada
39 Vivekananda Residential High School Vinayaka Nagar, Hayathnagar Colony Road
40 Navya Jyothi Model High School RTC Colony, Hayathnagar Colony Road
41 Hayathnagar High School RTC Colony, Hayathnagar NH-9 Vijayawada
42 St.Anns High School Hayathnagar NH-9 Vijayawada
43 Word Deed High School Hayathnagar NH-9 Vijayawada


  • Chintalkunta Junction

  • Auto Nagar

  • Sagar Complex

  • High Court Colony (Lorries)





Connects to


Starts At

Ends At

1 Vijayawada NH-9 Chintalkunta Bairamalguda Sagar Road Sri Krishna Nagar
2 Vijayawada NH-9 Panama B.N.Reddy Nagar Sagar Road NGOs Colony
3 Vijayawada NH-9 Sushma B.N.Reddy Nagar Sagar Road Rythu Bazar, Vaidehinagar
4 Vijayawada NH-9 Hayathnagar Injapur X Road Sagar Road Injapur
5 Vijayawada NH-9 Pedda Amberpet Mangalpalli X Road Sagar Road Koheda
6 Vijayawada NH-9 Abdullapurmet Nagole X Road Uppal Road Gowrelli
7 Vijayawada NH-9 Sushma Kamineni Hospital Uppal Road Mansurabad
8 Vijayawada NH-9 Hayathnagar Nagole X Road Uppal Road Kuntloor and Rajiv Gruhakalpa
9 Vijayawada NH-9 Kuntloor X Road Ghatkesar Ghatksear Road Korremula Road



- NIL -



1. Hayathnagar
2. Red Tank
3. Hasthinapuram, BN Reddy Nagar




Sector - I Sector - II Sector - III
Chintalkunta, Vishnu Theatre and Hasthinapuram to Yamjal Panama to Peddamberpet Gayatri Nagar to Balapur X Road


1 2 1 10 29 32


Government Hospital at NGO’s Colony Vanasthalipuram

Govt. Homeopathic Hospital, Vanasthalipuram
Medicare Hospital at Sagar Road

Sri Laxmi Hospital at Raythubazar
Rajyalaxmi Hospital at Sushma X Road

Ramadevi Hospital at Sachivaya Nagar
People Sanjeevini Hospital at BN Reddy Nagar

Nitya Hospital at BN Reddy Nagar
Sun Rise Hospital at Hayathnagar