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RAJENDRANAGAR Traffic Police Station

Sri. K. Srinivas, Inspector


PS Location Near Aramghar X Road, Shivarampally, Rajendranagar
PS Phone No 040 - 27854008
ACP Traffic RGI Airport Division Mobile  : 9490617230
eMail    :
Addl. DCP Traffic Mobile  : 9490617207
eMail    :
DCP Traffic Phone  : 040 - 27853422
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  • Aramghar X Road, Auto Stand
  • Katedan X Road, Auto Stand
  • Shivarampally, Auto Stand
  • Hyderguda, Auto Stand
  • Rajendranagar, Auto Stand
  • Hassanagar, Auto Stand
  • Budwel Extension Auto Stand
  • Chinthalmet, Auto Stand
  • Upperpally, Auto Stand
  • NPA (Truck & Tipper) Lorry Parking
  • Hyderguda (Ushayoda School) Car Parking


  • Hyderguda Junction
  • Attapur
  • Aramghar
  • Railway Station Budwel
  • Near NPA
  • Shivarampally
  • Regal Function Hall
  • Katedan


Places causing more traffic congestions 
Hyderaguda Junction    
Hyderguda X Road    
PDP Junction    
Aramghar X Road    
Stretches where traffic is at peak
Hyderguda X Road
Places that attract more traffic during festivals

Mailardevpally (Pallechervu)

Pattikunta (Rajendranagar)
PDP Junction

Sikh Chawni
Aramghar X Road




Accident Prone areas

Reasons and precautionary measures

  • Kantha Reddy Petrol Bunk, Attapur 
  • Hyderguda X Road
  • A.G.College Main gate
  • Old Kurnool Road
  • Shivaram Pally
  • NPA
  • Durga Nagar X Road
  • Mailardevapally
  • Babul Reddy Nagar
  • Moinabad Petrol Bunk
  • Shankarpally T Junction
  • Shadan Hospital
  • REVL Company turning
  • Gandipet Cross Road
  • Kanakamamidi
  • Bandlaguda
  • Manchirevula
  • Hydershakote
  • Accidents are more on the NH-7 compared to other areas
  • Vehicular movement are very high on the NH-7 as there are no speed breakers on the high ways
  • Vulnerability is more in pedestrians
  • Involvement of Motor Cycles, Cars and Lorry/ DCMs is more compared to other vehicles
  • There is need to concentrate on NH-7 keeping a check over the above mentioned vehicle by regulating their speed and checking the drivers authority to drive etc
  • On State highways Illumination is very poor and super elevation is not there
  • Presence of bus stops at the junctions i.e. Bandalaguda, Hyderguda, and Aramghar are causing traffic congestion and accidents are occurring
  • Encroachment foot path by shop owners and petty vendors are restraining pedestrians
  • Pedestrian crossing at the junctions without noticing vehicular movement
  • Lack of street lights and centre lighting system
  • Many gaps in medians are there on road dividers and road users taking U-turn which are causing accidents





Important Places in PS Limits

Important Junctions in PS Limits

  • National Police Academy
  • Andhra Pradesh Police Academy (APPA)
  • Acharya N.G. Ranga University
  • NIRD
  • AP Co-operative Society
  • Project Directorate on Poultry (PDP)
  • Himayathsagar Lake
  • Gandipet Lake
  • Aremassama Temple
  • Chilkur Balaji Temple
  • Golkonda Resorts
  • Attapur
  • Hyderguda X Roads
  • Upperpally
  • PDP
  • Shivarampally
  • Aramghar
  • Mailardevpally
  • Suncity
  • Hydeshakote
  • Aremaisamma
  • T Junction
  • APPA Rotary I & II
  • Gandipet
  • Himayathnagar
  • Himayathnagar Katta
  • Bhaskhara medical college
  • Moinabad
  • Narsingi
  • Sharkarpally


  • Attapur Traffic is congested at Attapur the vehicular traffic will take diversion from Mogalkanala, Puranapool, and Bahadurpura

  • Aaramghar - Traffic coming from Banglore side will take diversion at Budwel and proceed towards Old Kurnool Road, Katedan,
    Durganagar and they proceed to Hyderabad via versa

  • Vehiculars coming from Shamshabad side they will take diversion from PDP, Extension right turn, Kismathpur, Aremaisamma, Tippukhan Bridge, and they proceed to Hyderabad

  • Tipppu Khan Bridge If the traffic congested the vehicular traffic will take diversion from Tippukhan Bridge, Manchirevula back side APPA and joined on the Bijapur Road


Sl No Name of the School. Location Highway
1 Govt High School Shivarampally NH - 44
2 Govt. Primary School Shivaramapally NH - 44
3 Darul ul Uloom School Shivarampally NH - 44
4 Kendriya Vidyalaya NPA Site - II NH - 44
5 Army School Hydershakote SH - 20
6 MRCH School Moinabad SH - 20
7 ZPHS School Mailardevpally Inner Ring Road
8 Krishnaveni Talent School Mailardevpally Inner Ring Road
9 ZPHS School Rajendranagar Inner Ring Road
10 Srichaithanya Techno School Upperpally Inner Ring Road
11 Ravindrabarathi School HUDA Colony turning Inner Ring Road
12 Hyderabad Scots Hyderguda Inner Ring Road


  • PDP Junction

  • Upparpally Pillar No. 176 & 177

  • Acharya N.G. Ranga University


  • If any traffic congestion occurred at Hyderguda or Attapur traffic will be diverted at PDP Junction towards Kismathpur side

  • Traffic will be diverted at Tippukhan Bridge, Aremaisamma and Manchirevula


  • If any traffic congestion occurred at Hyderguda or Attapur traffic will be diverted at PDP Junction towards Kismathpur side
  • Traffic will be diverted at Tippukhan Bridge, Aremaisamma and Manchirevula
  • Traffic will be diverted at Chintalmet, N.M guda, 9 no. junction
  • Traffic will be diverted at 9 no junction, N.M. guda and Chintalmet



1. Rajendranagar


  • 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers are restricted on Outer Ring Road for 24 hours
  • 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers and all Goods vehicles are restricted on PVNR Express Way for 24 hours
  • Restriction on heavy vehicles i.e. Trucks, Lorries and Tractors Attapur to Aramghar vice versa from 05.00 AM to 12.00 PM and 04.00 PM to 22.00 PM


Sector - I Sector - II
Attapur Pillar No.117 to Reliance Ramp Reliance Petrol bunk Pillar No.202 to Aramghar Pillar No. 320 & PDP to Himayathsagar
Sector - III Sector - IV
Hassan Nagar to Old Kurnool road Aramghar to Regal Function & Durganagar to Old Kurnool Road ORR & Tippukhan Bridge to Tolkatta & Royal Function Hall to Kollur Gate


1 3 2 6 25 45


Usha Mohan Hospital (Hyderguda)

Govt. Primary Health Centre. Budwel
Sai New Life Hospital, Durganagar Saptagiri Hospital, Agamghar

Shadana Hospital, Aremasamma

Bhaskara General Hospital